by Zach Terry

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Three Witnesses against False Faith (8 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 2:14-26

Introduction: We are in a series on James called, "Myths that Threaten the Christian Soul"

• Myth #1 - Trials are bad.
• Myth #2 - God tempts people to sin.
• Myth #3 - Anger works.
• Myth #4 - Hearing the Word is enough.
• Myth #5 - Religion is skin deep
• Myth #6 - Wealth deserves honor
• Myth #7 - You can be saved without being changed

In April 1988 the evening news reported on a photographer who was also a skydiver. He had jumped from a plane along with numerous other skydivers and filmed the group as they fell and opened their parachutes. On the film shown on the telecast, as the final skydiver opened his chute, the picture went berserk. The announcer reported that the camera man had fallen to his death, having jumped out of the plane without his parachute. It wasn't until he reached for the absent ripcord that he realized he was freefalling without a parachute.

Until that point, the jump probably seemed exciting and fun. But tragically, he had acted with thoughtless haste and deadly foolishness. Nothing could save him, for his faith was in a parachute never buckled on.

Friend I'm telling you that the world is full of people who claim to know God, but all they have is false faith.

Practically every writer of the New Testament addresses the fact that there are people who think they are getting in, who are not getting in. People who think they are ready who just aren't ready.

Anytime I preach something like this… people will say to me, "Pastor Zach, I believe Satan is trying to get me to doubt my salvation. Well that is possible, but let tell you he is far more active in trying to get a person to doubt their lostness."

LISTEN: If you are hear today and you aren't certain of your eternity, you can get up walk down this aisle and we will point you to an all sufficient Savior and you can walk out of hear knowing that you know, w ...

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