by Zach Terry

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A Pastor's War on Pride (10 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 3:13-18

Context: I keep reminding you of the context of James' letter, not because I think you will forget, but because I want you to recognize that you must interpret the text within it's context. So remember, that our writer, James is the lead Pastor of the mother Church in Jerusalem. At this point in Church History fledgling congregations were springing up all over the Roman Empire as newly converted believers were returning from their pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Pentecost, where they were ambushed by grace. 3000 souls were saved, filled with the Spirit and baptized - many of whom returned to their hometowns and gathered together to recreate what they had in Jerusalem. From their Apostles and Prophets were sent out from Jerusalem to instruct and build up these congregations in their new found faith. A letter from the senior Pastor was also distributed throughout the Churches, the letter of James which we are studying today. It is considered a General epistle because it was not directed to a specific congregation but to the Church Universal.

Now this is the first book written down that is included in your new testament. So it's penned very early in Church History. Why is that important to recognize?

ILLUSTRATION: It is a complicated thing to shoot a rocket from one moving object (earth) to another moving object (the moon). The complexities are very broad, but one thing I have been told is that you have to get the math right, because what is off on inch on the launch pad will miss the moon by miles.

James is writing to the Churches to get them right on the launch pad.

We are calling the series, "Attack the myths that threaten the Christian soul".
Today we are attacking the myth that - you can wise without being good.

TEXT: James 3:13-18 13. Who is wise and understanding among you?
One of the key questions that any new Church must face is very simply, "who will lead us?" N ...

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