by Zach Terry

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The Pursuit of Happiness (11 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 4:1-10

Illustration: I will never forget as a young boy sitting at the Mountain Top Café having breakfast with my father when a local Pastor came in. One of the men spoke to the Pastor saying, "Bro. Hood, I sure am sorry to hear about what happened at the business meeting at Church last night". Well apparently this man didn't go to Bro. Hoods Church so the Pastor asked, "How on earth did you know about it?" He said, "Oh I heard about it on the scanner". Apparently, the business meeting at this particular Church had gotten so unruly that the police had been called to the Church.

When I went to apply for a concealed carry permit in Kentucky the secretary at the court house said, "Pastor you don't need a permit" I said, "why not?", she went to show me a statute in the Common Wealth of Kentucky that permitted a Pastor to carry a gun in order to break up fights that start at Church.

It might have been in Kentucky that a mom overheard her son and daughter in a horrible fight outside the kitchen window. They were yelling and screaming threats bordering on the obscene. The mother went out and said, "you two break it up right now!" to which the daughter replied, "But mom we're just playing Church".

History bears witness that communities of faith have often been communities of fights. I guess it's not that surprising that this is where we speak of things that are rooted deep in our hearts. People feel deeply about things that happen at Church.

What is the solution? Often people will say, "We need to get back to the first century, the early Church and become more like them"

CONTEXT: Friend it might surprise you that relationships in the early Church were was volatile as they were any other time in Church history. Imagine…

• Persecution from without pushed the Church together.
• Within Doctrine was being defined, clarified and espoused - Doctrine separates, and that's not a bad thi ...

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