by Zach Terry

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Maintain a God-Centered Life with Words (12 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 4:11-17

Opening Illustration: I am in the business of life change. Anyone who does what I do will tell you that getting people to recognize truth isn't that difficult, the Bible is remarkably clear. It's very difficult to lead people to reorient their lives in keeping with scripture. AND THE KEY - WORDS.
• Example: Forgiveness, you can show someone that they ought to forgive and they will say, "Yes, I see that I ought to forgive….. but…." That three letter word will undo an hour of counseling.
• Example: I could change your life if I could get you to only say things that you KNOW to be true to yourself.
One of the ways to recognize when a person has truly experience change is how they talk.
• Do you want to know if the people you lead, "get" the vision you are trying to communicate? Listen to how they talk. Listen to how they pray. Listen to what they celebrate.
• The #1 problem in most marriages is communication.
The key to consistent life change is WORDS.
James, the quintessential practical theologian recognized this tendency and addressed it. Remember the last time we were together in James we were called to lay aside out hedonistic tendencies and pursue a God centered life.
• ILLUSTRATION: Like a Solar System, the object of greatest gravitational pull is at the center and the various planets are ordered around it in their proper orbit - that is what makes it a system. In life, God is to be at the center and life ordered around Him in a proper way.
• ILLUSTRATION: Like the hub on a bicycle wheel, God is the hub and all of the various issues of life are brought into attachment to Him in proper order. To fail to attach the spokes properly the wheel will fail.

Life functions much the same way -
• To put something else in the center you become an idolater.
• To put self at the center you become a devil.

LISTEN - The simple reason life is not working f ...

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