by Zach Terry

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Patiently Enduring Trials (13 of 16)
Series: James
Zach Terry
James 5:1-11

I Need You To Help Me - Think about the real pressures you have faced.
• Class bully, brunt of jokes
• Not getting in to the college of your choice
• Rejected by a potential boyfriend/girlfriend
• The risk of loosing a job
• For the Christian you mix in with this all of the stuff that comes with persecution.

When the inevitable pressures of life begin to mount and you feel like you are really under attack, there are basically two ways people tend to cope. 1. Escape 2. Retaliate.

These two coping mechanisms are personified in two recent tragedies - Phoebe Prince and Amy Bishop.

• Phoebe Prince - January 14th of this year, 15 year old Phoebe Prince had taken all she could take. For months she had been bullied by a group of at least 9 classmates at the South Hadley High School. Her aunt had warned school officials that the bullying was taking place, but to no avail. After months of this social torture Phoebe could see no other alternative than to take her own life. Phoebe chose the ultimate escape death.

• What about Amy Bishop - She also felt the pressures of life, but rather than taking her anger and frustration out on herself, she took it out on her work associates. Amy Bishop chose retaliation.
Now, let's rewind for a minute. What if we could bring the Gospel to bear on the lives of Phoebe Prince and Amy Bishop? What difference would it make? What hope would it offer? If the Gospel doesn't work when you are under attack, it doesn't work at all.
And let's be honest - this sermon is not about Phoebe Prince or Amy Bishop, it's about you. While hopefully your temptation is not to handle with the pressure as tragically as did Amy Bishop and Phoebe Price, but often the temptation will be a less tragic version of the same things.
• Escapes - perhaps you bury your life in a hobby, or a habit that is destructive, drugs, alcohol, gambling, illicit se ...

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