by Fred Lowery

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Mythbusters (1 of 4)
Series: Mythbusters
Dr. Fred Lowery
Joel 2:12-13; Joel 1:10-12; Joel 2:25; Neh. 9:17; John 4:2; James 2:10; John 8:1-11
October 2, 2011

Let me tell you a grandchild story first. Will is our grandson, he's 3 years old. And last week for some reason I got him by myself and we went - I wanted to go him a toy or something and so I took him to Big Lots - only the best and we got this CARS puzzle and then we sat the kitchen table there and put that CARS puzzle together and had fun doing that. It was a 3 dimensional puzzle; Big Lots; you know it was nice one and so we finished the puzzle and we're sitting there at the table and Will says something that I've never heard one of my girls ever say in their whole life. I've never heard one of my granddaughters say this ever but Will turned to me and said, "Doc, Doc, let's watch the news." I said, "Yes!! Finally!! I got a man in the house!!!" And so I went over and turned on Fox News Shepherd cause it was after 6:00 - I wanted to see Shepherd but it was Dancing With the Stars and he said, "That's a girly show. Let's watch the news." So there's hope and I'm grateful.
One of my favorite Dennis the Menace cartoons is you know he and his friend Joey are coming back from Mrs. Wilson's house and they have a handful of cookies and Joey says Mrs. Wilson is so nice to give us cookies. It was Dennis, I think, that said, "You know Mrs. Wilson doesn't give us cookies because we're good. She gives us cookies because she's good." And that's how it is with God. God's grace is how we make it. God's grace is how we get saved. God's grace is how we come back to God when we get away from God. You know the acrostic - God's Riches at Christ Expense - the ultimate in grace.
We're talking about Mythbusters and if you define myth it's something having an imaginary existence; something that you can't verify; it's fabricated or maybe it's just a lie. It's a defiance of facts- a myth. There's so many things that people beli ...

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