by Fred Lowery

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Mythbusters (2 of 4)
Series: Mythbusters
Dr. Fred Lowery
Psalm 38:4; Luke 6:22; Matt. 5:10-12; Job 1:1-12; Job 1:21; Job 16:1-5; Job 23:10; John 16:33; John 9:1-3
October 9, 2011

If you got a rock when you came in I want you to hold on to that rock and I'll tell you what to do with it if you choose later on this service. It will not be to hurl them at me but in case, they're small rocks but we are talking about myths and we learned last week that a myth is a fabrication; it's something that's unverifiable; it's, in a way, a lie. It's a defiance of true facts and unfortunately there are people across this room and all of us at times who have believed myths about God and about the Bible, leaving us, at times miserable and unproductive in our Christian lives and my goal is to let God's word become the ultimate mythbuster because truth is what God says and it's the truth of God that sets us free. And so we're going to see what God's word says about myth #2. The myth is - and I know that some of you have heard Satan tell you this, because he's told me this. "This wouldn't be happening to you if you were a better Christian; if you were a better person; if you hadn't made some mistakes a few years back. This wouldn't be happening to you; this pain, this sickness, this cancer, this divorce, this job loss, this wouldn't be happening to you if you were a better Christian, you see, it's your fault this is happening so shame on you." Have you heard that? Have you heard those lies? The fact is you can't get well because God's punishing you. If you were living the Christian life the way you ought to be living it you wouldn't have lost your job. The reason you keep having so many problems is that you're simply not right with God so it's your fault - shame on you. Have you heard those lies? I have. I've heard them a thousand times in 2011. If you were a better man; a better person; a better Pastor; a better father; a better husband, then your daughter wouldn't had to go thr ...

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