by Fred Lowery

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Mythbusters (3 of 4)
Series: Mythbusters
Dr. Fred Lowery
Colossians 3:13; Ephesians 4: 31-32; Luke 6:37; Matthew 5:44; Luke 11:4; Matthew 18:21-22; Romans 12:19; Matthew 6:14
October 30, 2011

A lady called me to her home a few years back and she had been sick for a good while and she said to me, I'm dying and I know I'm dying and in fact, I think I'm going to die tomorrow and interestingly she did die the next day. But she said I just want to tell you, I just need to talk this out with you. I have a brother who has hurt me deeply and I cannot forgive him, I will not forgive him. And she says even though I know that I'm dying and I'm going to soon face God, I don't want to forgive my brother and I do not want to him to come to the funeral and I'm just going to have face God with that but I'm not going to forgive him. Did she make it to heaven? Absolutely. Because salvation is by grace; not based on our performance. Did she miss a lot of heaven in her life here because of unforgiveness? Yes. You see, we have to understand that salvation is unconditional but fellowship, intimacy with the Lord is conditional. Salvation is unconditional, it's by grace but fellowship, intimacy, and all kinds of wonderful things come out of that intimacy with the Lord Jesus - that is conditional. See, if you allow things in your life that you know to be sin and you don't deal with it and you allow it to stay there, then you hinder your fellowship, you break that intimacy with the Lord Jesus and you miss so many blessings in your life. Justification before God is unconditional but the power, the influence, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is conditional. See, if you are allowing sin in your life and that sin continues in your life, then you can't expect the anointing of the Spirit of God. You can't expect it. You see, God gives you the energy and the power to conquer sin but if you are allowing sin, then that power is not available in your life. In fact, the Bible says that God is ...

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