by Fred Michaux

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Generosity/Stewardship (3 of 7)
Series: Rivers
Fred Michaux

I. Opening, part 1

-blindfolded youth, bowl of skittles, mark one with sharpie…

-Professor Peter Stoner, "Science Speaks"

8 prophecies = 1 in 1017 (cover Texas in silver dollars two feet deep, mark one, blind fold someone, mix them up…)

48 prophecies = 1in 10157 (use electrons…just one inch of them, counting 250 a minute night and day would take 19 million our blindfolded man knee deep in electrons…come on people!)

God could have chosen any Kingdom theme to accentuate the mind boggling moment of Jesus' miraculous birth and of those He chose, two were generosity and stewardship.

II. Opening, part 2

-12 Pathways

-Our lives need to have flow, our words, our attitudes, our reactions, our choices, our example…life giving to everyone around us. And the 12 Pathways make it possible, rivers of living water out of us and into the world!

III. Introduction

-Matthew 2:1-2, 10-11, 13-15 (see yourself in each role: Jesus/destiny, Magi/generosity, and MarynJoseph/stewards)

Only as I become the "magi" who give generously and "that family" who stewards wisely, will I be life giving to everyone around me…does your life have flow?

IV. My generosity gives life to the destiny of others, become the magi…let your life have flow!

-Matthew 2:10-11 (every person, each a divine will, who will God call me to support, to he ...

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