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Fred Michaux


-if you hadn't eaten for 5 days, what would be something you would dream about eating…the situation we just imagined is a scenario God wants you to experience, physical fasting is essential to Christianity.

-tell story of first time fasting as a Christian…the eternal part of who we are hungers, needs attention, needs to be nourished!

-my fast now, fasting can be public, Sermon on Mount was challenging people's wrong motivations… (sets up pathways slide)


-Series Big Idea

-Pathways Slide…tonight, we are going talk about physical fasting from the perspective of not just how it is life giving to others, but ourselves as well since we have not taught on fasting extensively…

-Physical Fast Definition: A practice that alters your diet or eliminates food and/or drink for a Scriptural purpose (Isaiah 58:6-8) with the added benefit of deepening our measure of eternal life (Mark 9:29).

Physical Fast Preparation

-Isaiah 58:3-5, my motivation matters (Matthew 6:6-18)
-decide why…
-no absolute fasts w/out a doctor…
-partial fasts are great starters…
-extended fasts, OJ in the am and V8 at night…
-fasting from sundown to sundown…
-set your parameters and stick with them…
-communicate with your spouse and family…
-still attend functions, sit at table with family…

-Mark 9:29

Isaiah 58:6-8 (nkjv)

"…to loose the bonds of wickedness…" -- Humanity Fast

"…to undo the heavy burdens…" -- Circumstances Fast

"…to let the oppressed go free…" -- Confession Fast

"…that you break every yoke…" -- Emotions Fast

"…to share your bread…" -- Benevolence Fast

"…then your light will break forth…" -- Insight Fast

"…your healing will spring forth…" -- Healing Fast

"…your righteousness will go before you…" -- Witness Fast

"…the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard." -- Protection Fast

Humanity Fast - Israel

-Leviticus 23:26-32

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