by Jerry Watts

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Series: The Unveiling
Jerry N Watts
Revelation 4:1

* For the last several months we have been working our way though the "Revelation." In only 3 chapters we have heard 14 messages. Be reminded that we find an outline of this book in 1:19. Jesus told John to 'write - what you HAVE seen (1), what IS (2-3), and what will be (4ff).
* Today we begin the 'what will be' section and people always get excited about this part of scripture. Do you know why? Because inquiring minds want to know. The Revelation has already given us a picture of our living Lord, the proclamation that "He Is COMING in the clouds," and have heard the impassioned plea of our Lord Jesus to the church and to each believer that we remember our salvation, repent of our sins which always separate us from Him, and return to Him (our Savior and Lord). Seven times Jesus has repeated Himself saying, "If you can hear at all, please listen to the Holy Spirit because He calls you to repentance; don't leave this life unprepared to meet GOD!
* It does seem that many believe themselves to be ready to go to heaven, but few seem ready to meet God! Jesus pleads with us to make plans for eternity. (Text - let's approach today's message a little differently)
1. We begin with these two words, "After this." Some translations read "after these things," "after all this," or even "after the vision of these things." But all of these mean "after" or "beyond" NOW! What is the 'this' or these things?
* The first 'after this,' he speaks of, deals with time. It means after time has passed away. This is something we seem to forget today.
* The "beyond the grave" stage is called "eternity" while the "before the grave" is called 'time.' Time is our lives today, eternity is our lives then. Bro. Morgan Bailey has aptly said, "Time is but a boot camp for eternity." This means we prepare today for tomorrow. How we live today, the decisions we make and the actions we take T ...

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