by John Barnett

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The Four Spiritual Flaws (9 of 12)
Series: Paradise Lost
John Barnett

This morning each of us present in this room is fallen. That means we live with the tragic results of the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Look with me into the garden, Eden's delight, where death, pain, sorrow and decay all find their corrupt and slimy birth from the whisper of a dragon, the devil of old, our adversary, Satan.
• God pronounced the curse that would stalk the covenant for all time:
• Eve was tempted and Adam fell, but the seed was promised to crush the serpent.
• Abel was murdered, Cain was marked and the race was drowned because it was beyond hope, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
• The world united in religion against God so at Babel he confounded the languages, but He chose Abraham and the struggle intensified.
• The 12 tribes were corrupted and the true worship apostatized and God was silent for 400 years.
• The Promised Seed was born and the babies were murdered.
• The Christ was tempted in person by the dragon slanderer and murderous liar, but Jesus was triumphant.
• His ministry was dogged with false accusations and death threats, but He did not look away.
• Gethsemane was like a second Garden of Eden. The snake dripped venom again and the Savior sweat blood. But, he didn't turn back.

And then, on Calvary's Hill, He died…at last did Satan, the murderer, win? Was the Promised Seed done, the covenant over?


A few years back a segment of television's "60 Minutes" aired in which host Mike Wallace interviewed Auschwitz survivor Yehiel Dinur, who had been a principal witness at the Nuremberg war-crime trials. During the interview, a film clip from Adolf Eichmann's 1961 trial was viewed which showed Dinur enter the courtroom and come face to face with Eichmann for the first time since being sent to Auschwitz almost twenty years earlier. Stopped cold, Dinur began to sob uncontrollably and then fainted wh ...

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