by John Barnett

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Avoiding Satan's Attacks (11 of 12)
Series: Paradise Lost
John Barnett

Lost And Helpless

We as humans are so lost; we are unable to find our way back to God unless God Himself aids us! What a terrible state. How did we end up so lost? In Genesis 3 we find that is what began at the moment of the Fall to Adam and Eve. They found

? "The eyes of their consciences were opened; their hearts smote them for what they had done. Now, when it was too late, they saw the folly of eating forbidden fruit.
? They saw the happiness they had fallen from, and the misery they had fallen into.
? They saw a loving God provoked, his grace and favor forfeited, his likeness and image lost, dominion over the creatures gone.
? They saw their natures corrupted and depraved, and felt a disorder in their own spirits of which they had never before been conscious.
? They saw a law in their members warring against the law of their minds, and captivating them both to sin and wrath.
? They saw that they were stripped, deprived of all the honors and joys of their paradise-state, and exposed to all the miseries that might justly be expected from an angry God.
? They saw they were disarmed; their defense had departed from them.
? They saw that they were shamed, forever shamed, before God and angels.
? They saw themselves disrobed of all their ornaments and ensigns of honor, degraded from their dignity and disgraced in the highest degree, laid open to the contempt and reproach of heaven, and earth, and their own consciences .

Satan wants to ruin you this morning. As he demonstrated in the Garden, his plan is to destroy your relationship with God. The tragedy of Paradise Lost is that it worked on our first parents. In Genesis 3 we find the WILL of God resisted, the WORD of God rejected and the WAY of God deserted by Adam and Eve.


God describes us as three part beings. He says we have spirits, souls and bodies. In that very way, only from ...

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