by John Barnett

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Hearing Jesus Speak (1 of 37)
Series: Christ In All The Scripture
John Barnett

There is something ever Born Again believer in this room has in common. Christ has called each of us and we heard Him and we also follow. In fact every believer of all time has that special common connection with all of us. The call of Christ and the obedient response.

Remember what Jesus said? My Sheep hear what? ___ ___ (Hear my voice)!

So, the last Gospel has this call most clearly and beautifully explained. To begin our look at the master's Message this morning turn with me to the Gospel by John, chapter 10.

And what is the Master's Message? It is the marvelous content of the Gospels. It is the message Jesus gave to those who heard Him preach. It is what we are studying this morning. Christ's call to them as to us may be described as the Master's Message.

First in our Bibles is Matthew who records no less than 31 different gospel presentations, which took us 4 weeks to look at.
Then the Gospel by Mark has 9 different gospel presentations, which we looked at in 3 weeks.
Then the Gospel by Luke we saw had 23 different gospel presentations, which took us 10 weeks to study,
Now we start the most exciting, extraordinary, and profound of all the Gospels. The final of the Four Gospels the Gospel by John, which contains 26 different gospel presentations

This morning we will begin on what will be perhaps one of the greatest studies we have ever taken. We will look at each of Christ's presentations of the Gospel. Each way Jesus described salvation to both His Twelve and to the world. We could call this the Good News of Salvation According to Jesus. So this morning we enter the 4th and final Gospel as we pursue our ongoing study of the Master's Message. Remember now, when God wanted to give His Church a snapshot of Christ's ministry He wanted to do so from four perspectives. To see and know and understand our Blessed Savior we need all the beauty of four ...

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