by John Barnett

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A Guide to Song of Solomon - Part 1 (24 of 37)
Series: Christ in All the Scripture
John Barnett

These 8 chapters, 117 verses and 2661 words in the Hebrew Bible called Song of Solomon are the 5th of the Hebrew Wisdom Books called the MEGILLOTH. Each were read at one of the Jewish Feasts. Esther at Purim, Lamentations at unleavened bread; Ecclesiastes at Tabernacles; Song of Solomon at Passover and Ruth at Pentecost!

But what does this diffucult book teach us? There are four enduring views:

1. It sets forth the ''glory of wedded love''; declaring the sacredness of marital relationship, and that marriage is a divine institution.

2. It sets forth the love of Jehovah for Israel. The prophets spoke of Israel as the wife of Jehovah.

These two interpretations have been set forth by the Scribes and Rabbis of Israel, and have been accepted by the church. However, there are two other interpretations.

3. It is a picture of Christ and the Church. The Church is the bride of Christ, a familiar figure of Scripture (2 Cor. 11:2; Eph. 5:27; Rev. 21).

4. It depicts the communion of Christ and the individual believer. The soul's communion with Christ is here set forth.

Many Christians would deny this little book a place in the canon of sacred Scripture, primarily on a charge of lack of modesty, Actually it is very modest when compared to Oriental poetry in general. It is insisted that there is nothing herein that would offend the most modest Oriental. We might add that neither will it offend the Occidental if they but come to see the aim and intent of the teaching therein.

Though there have been a variety of interpretations of ''The Song,'' we shall only take into consideration one, That those who are ''accepted in the beloved'' have a path to follow. A path that may bring joy or sorrow while here. It is a very PRACTICAL BOOK.

There are three outstanding characters in the book., that of the Lord Jesus, then those who belong to Him., and the ''daughters ...

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