by Rich Wooten

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Road Trip (1 of 4)
Richard Wooten
Matthew 11:28-29

Road trips. They bring up memories as a kid leaving from Salt Lake City for a nearly 3 week trip to Washington DC and every small attraction along the way (balls of mud, Wall Drug for the free gift, the Corn Palace, cars in the dirt). But along the way, we encountered some pretty cool places, Smithsonian, Devil's Tower, Centennial Rock, Circle B Ranch. It really wasn't about the destination, it became more about the journey as the days passed. While there were rough spots, it truly was a memorable time for us as a family. And that tradition continues for my own family - 4000 mile round trips to Montana, this summer to Florida and Kentucky! Oh the joy!

Perhaps you have taken Road Trips that have become legendary. It has defined you or your family. I think if you were to press your memories, there are more about the journey than the destination. I remember the journey to the smithsonian much more that the smithsonian itself. I think the funny stories come from the journey!

The Bible is full of imagery that challenges us to walk with him. In fact, we start at the beginning tonight, all the way back in Genesis. Over the next few weeks, we will look at several 'journeys' in the Word that show the work of God in hearts, communities, and nations. We will be looking at the Exodus, The Prodigal Son, and the Road to Emmaus. We will end this series on June 29 with communion.

But back to Genesis. In Gen , we see God intimately connected to both Adam and Eve, discussing with Adam the issues of life, creating Eve for Adam, There seems to be a deep seated relationshp between them. They walk to-gether, which is a central theme throughout this series. Then it all changes. Fruit is eaten. Fellowship broken. And God walks alone in the cool of the day, in the early evening. The path, which had been shared by God and man, is now lonely for God, forgotten by man. And the most difficult Road ...

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