by Rich Wooten

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Road Trip (2 of 4)
Richard Wooten
Exodus 13:21-22

Is there a breaking point on the journey? When is it too much to handle.

The Exodus - the single most defining journey of any group of people in the history of humanity. It defines the nation of Israel to this day and is looked upon by them as the primary definition of their young nation. The Exodus is central to the themes of the entire Bible and sets the stage for the foundation of the messiah with its imagery and story. Dates in OT are even reckoned from the time of leaving egypt - (1 Kings 6:1 480 years from when Israel left egypt.)

But why the Exodus? What was the purpose? Why that route?

Egypt, it's hard to get out of you!

Historical - Israel was part of the Egyptian culture for the most part. Their identity and sustenance came from the land of Egypt. Sure, they were slaves and in servitude, but the point was this was 'their land'. So the culture of Egypt crept in and shrouded the true divine in their nation. Under oppression the people began to think differently. They began to respond to authority differently. And they responded to their God with incredulity.

To me, the reflection in our lives is unmistakable. In fact, I think Paul in his writings hits this idea pretty hard. Egypt is a lifestyle that our culture embraces - one that is antithetical to the cross, to the heart of God. This tension creates all sorts of difficulties for us as we live for Christ. Think about it, Egypt is completely opposed to the way of God - the world is Egypt - and we are live IN this world?

So there must be a transference that takes place, from Egypt to Christ. How does this happen?

The Exodus.

From Exodus 13 through Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy and ending with Joshua 3, the Exodus is recorded. From the actual departure from Egypt, through the desert, and 40 years of directed wanderings, Israel was refined and rebuilt. It was in these journey's that the heart of E ...

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