by Rich Wooten

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Road Trip (3 of 4)
Richard Wooten
Luke 15

Have you ever been lost before? I mean really lost? More times than I care to admit, (before GPS, of course), I found myself lost. Once in Kansas City, in some parts of the city after dark that I didn't belong in, driving in circles, that car used to have tires on it, didn't it, just 5 minutes ago? Hiking in the wilderness of Utah. Our first full day employed here at Calvary at the Anniversary Picnic - couldn't find our van!

There is something that happens inside us when we are lost that is not pleasant. Our blood pressure rises, there is a nervousness that creeps in as we recognize we are in a place we don't recognize, we may get a little frantic, a little panicked. Some freeze in the moment. (Kelsey in the dark bathroom when we left her). (Jace, when I lost him - he wasn't panicky at all, I was)

Daniel Boone, the great american folk hero, explorer, frontiersman, soldier, and more, said he had never been lost, but he did admit to being "mighty disoriented for several days in a row."

"Developmental Topographic Disorder" - getting lost anywhere, anytime, without any other apparent brain damage or cognitive impairment. Most people don't get lost super easily due to the brain's ability to do two things - proce-dural imagery (landmarks, distances, etc.) and spatial memory (cognitive maps, mental recreations of area). Go to

Getting lost physically is certainly taxing on the human emotion and psyche. It has some effects physically as well. But there is a deeper 'lost' that can happen in a life that is much more difficult to navigate and one with more far reaching effects. If you were here this weekend, the passage we are covering tonight will be familiar. Setting the context - Jesus is being confronted by religious leaders because Jesus is 'caught' in the company of and even goes out of his way to spend time with 'sinners'. This is truly a 'no-no' in the culture. (But ...

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