by Rich Wooten

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Known - Galatians Study Intro (1 of 7)
Series: Known
Richard Wooten
Galatians 4:8-10

Have you ever met a famous person? I mean, a really famous person. Who? What was it like meeting that person? Did you get 'star struck' or tongue tied? Why is this? What comes over us that we, when meeting this person, don't act 'normal'.

I have met Ryan Diem (starting tackle for Indianapolis Colts)
Orrin Hatch (Senator from Utah)
An astronaut (name has been forgotten)
Huldah Buntain (Missions in India)
Brian LeClerq (mayor of Oswego)

For most of these, I was normal.
For none of them was I 'freaked out' or over the top.
For all of them - I realized they are just people.

Being well known is a desire for many, especially within the American culture. It is seen as having 'arrived' in some sense. To have fame is a pull of the baser side of society, and many who get it are determined to ride it out as long as they can. The ever so present '15 minutes of fame'. Soon forgotten are the fame seekers (who is the guy from american idol who did the 'pants on the ground' song? We don't know the name…).

Instructions for meeting a celebrity (if you really want to…)
1 Wait outside of a celebrity's house. Sometimes celebrities like to come out and take pictures and sign autographs for their fans. He might even talk to you as he is leaving or returning from his home.

2 Go to events and premiers. This can be any movie premier or charity event. Fans line the street to get a glimpse of their favorite famous person. If you are in the right spot you might even obtain an autograph and exchange words. Some fans can win tickets to certain events. Other fans who have money can just buy tickets to events that are open to the public.

3 Visit all the hot spots where stars hang out. You can find these locations in gossip magazines. You might even be able to find one of your favorite actors at a club you like. There are stars who like to party and those are t ...

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