by Ken Trivette

I Love My Bible
Ken Trivette
Psalm 119:162

1. What the Bible Claims
a) How Reverently We Should Read It
b) How Emphatically Should Believe It
c) How Completely We Should Trust It
c) How Dearly We Should Love It
2. What the Bible Contains
a) The Greatness of a Living God
b) The Graciousness of a Loving God
3. What the Bible Causes
a) It Brings Assurance to the Anxious Soul
b) It Brings Peace to the Perplexed Soul
c) It Brings Hope to the Hurting Soul
d) It Brings Strength to the Suffering Soul
e) It Brings Life to the Lost Soul

1. On one occasion, the actress Julia Roberts was asked what object she most valued. She said, ''I have a letter from my daddy, the only letter that I managed not to lose as a child... If anybody ever took that away from me, I would just be destroyed. It doesn't mean anything to anybody else, yet I can read that letter ten times a day and it moves me in a different way every time.''

2. What is it that you value more than anything else in this world? Would it be a car, a house, a job, or some other possession? How about you're Bible? The Psalmist said it was his most valuable possession. He testified in 119:127, ''Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold.'' Of all his possessions, the object he most valued and loved was God's word.

3. John Wanamaker, one of the country's greatest merchants, considered by some to be the father of modern advertising, and a pioneer in marketing said: ''I have of course made large purchases of property in my lifetime...and the buildings and grounds in which we are now meeting represent a value of approximately twenty billion dollars. But it was as a boy in the country, at eleven years of age, that I made my biggest purchase. In a little mission Sunday school, I bought from my teacher a small, red, leather Bible. The Bible cost me $2.75-which I paid in small installments as I saved. That was my greatest purchase, for that Bible made me what I am today ...

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