by Wayne Hinson

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Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (4 of 5)
Series: We, The Church, Take Thee, Jesus
Wayne Hinson
II Timothy Chapter 1

Quote From Covenant: "We also endeavor to maintain family and secret devotions: to religiously educate our children, to seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances"

Church Wedding Vows: We, the church, take thee Jesus, to be our lawful wedded Bridegroom, by Amazing Grace. To have as my Saviour, to hold as my Security, from his day through out eternity, to love supremely, to cherish sweetly, and to obey serenely, and thereto, we pledge ourselves.


I. The Fire In The Home Must Be Attended
A) The Truth Of Life Must Be Preeminent
1. The Word
2. The Wedlock
B) The Touch Of Love Must Be Prominent
C) The Torch Of Light Must Be Present
II. The Fire In Hell Must Be Avoided
A) The Appetite Of Hell
B) The Absences In Hell
C) The Awfulness Of Hell
1. No Preaching
2. No Pleading
3. No Petitions
III. The Fire In The Heart Must Be Apparent
A) A Faith That Must Be Seen
B) A Flame That Must Be Stable

In my childhood days, I recall my daddy often playing an old '78 recording of the original Chuck Wagon Gang singing, "Will the circle be unbroken?" That song and the words of it were forever branded in my mind and soul. Webster defines "circle" as "to move or form a circle around; to enclose; to complete". In the old west, the wagon trains would form a circle when under attack. That circle provided an enclosure of safety and protection. It also provided a means for them to defend themselves against an attack. As the bride of our heavenly Bridegroom, we spend the years of our lifetimes here on earth, forming relationships with our families and our friends, but rarely do we give much thought to the reality that this precious circle of relationship and friendship will be broken, unless those that we love and cherish are also part of the bride of Christ. We spend fortunes and lifet ...

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