by Jerry Watts

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Responding To the Sovereign Christ (5 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry N Watts
Revelation 1:9-18
July 10, 2011

At the end of every service, we have (what we term) the invitation, the altar call, or even the time of decision. This morning I submit that every time you hear a word from HIS word, you make a decision. Believing that God speaks continuously, I know He speaks through His word calling people to Himself. John was on Patmos for the gospel and was found in God's presence. What did He do? How did he respond? What should I do? (TEXT)
When I sense God speaking, what is my response to Him? Look at John.
1. I turned (vs. 12) - John heard a loud voice, like a trumpet so he turned toward the voice. For salvation and followship, nothing is more required than a turn toward HIM. Do you remember what your parents expected when they spoke to you? Mine expected me to turn toward them, looking at them, and giving them my undivided attention. To them, it wasn't enough to say I was listening; I had to turn toward them. I submit that, in the message of our Lord and the New Testament, the evidence clearly points to us turning toward our Lord when He speaks. John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, and Paul, all preached messages of repentance. Repentance by definition is turning around. It literally means an "about face." It means turning from and turning to. Some of us do not want to turn from what we are doing and turn to Christ because we don't see anything wrong with where we are facing now. This was on the "Lord's Day" and John was "In the Spirit." Could there be a better place and time to be than in the Spirit on the Lord's Day? Yet, John had to 'turn' and so do we. We turn to HIM.
* Sadly from time to time, our human nature kicks in and we don't respond like we should. In fact, we 'turn' but we turn wrong. Years ago, it was suggested to us that our daughter had a disorder called, "Oppositional Defiant disorder." (I thought all teenagers h ...

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