by Jerry Watts

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The Key to Revelation (6 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry N Watts
Revelation 1:17-20
July 17, 2011

Keys are big things in our culture. With keys we open doors, start cars, open pad locks, drop boxes, control security and more. Most of us have email for which we have to have a 'key' called an ID and password. Candidly, you cannot check your mail without your password or 'key.'
Revelation is a book, for which, a key seems to be needed. In years past, some have suggested that there USED to be a key and that this key has now been lost. For those folks, they conclude that Revelation is now an enigma to us as it is impossible to understand. Yet, the serious Bible student may find just the opposite. Our text today may help us better understand the Revelation and then see the personal implications it holds for our lives.
1. Outline - An outline helps a person see the big picture. One of the reasons why I, so diligently, use technology is so that the outline can be seen and maybe better grasped so that it can be remembered and thus applied. In the Revelation, you'll find many suggested outlines. Few weeks ago, I gave you the outline of the 'seven sevens.' (Chapters 1-3 -7 churches, chapter 4-7 - 7 seals, chapters 8-11 - 7 trumpets, chapters 12-14 - 7 personages, 15-16 - 7 vials, 17-20 - 7 judgments, and 21-22 - 7 new things). Others suggest an outline of 4 divisions based on visions which are unequal in scope, content, and length, but each true. These are taken from the position of John as the "seer". Chapters 1-3 would be the "Seer in Patmos", 4-16 -the seer in heaven, 17-20-the seer in the wilderness, and 21-22 - the seer on a Great and High Mountain). Another outline suggests only 2 divisions in this book consisting of the first 11 and the second 11 chapters. In this case, Chapters 1-11 shows the Kingdom of this world which becomes the Kingdome of our Lord. Each of these is true and can be traced. But each of these have one thing in common, ...

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