by Jerry Watts

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The Beat Up or Bloodied Church (8 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry N Watts
Revelation 2:8-11
August 7, 2011

* From my observation we live in an increasingly violent culture. Hardly a day passes when we don't hear of someone being killed or attacked. An honest look at our entertainment would indicate that America has bought into fighting as a valid style of entertainment. It would seem that Boxing has almost lost its market in lieu of WWF, Toughman, Ultimate fighting, and Cage Combats. One of the marks of these events are how bloody they are and and beat up the loser seems to get. Sadly, millions see someone being beaten up and bloodied as entertaining.
* The church at Smyrna was a church which could be described, at least from a human standpoint, as beat up and bloodied. As Jesus looks at them with those eyes of fire, He sees to the very heart of their circumstances.
* (TEXT) The church at Smyrna is a very unique local church (as are all local churches). Jesus speaks to each church a very personal word. >From Him, "one size doesn't fit all." What He knows is very personal.
* Smyrna was a wealth, booming, and affluent city where the economy was booming and jobs seemed to be abounding. From a community-development standpoint, it had been well-planned as it was on the normal trade routes. Militarily, to this point they had never been on the losing side of a battle, so all that the community did seem too successful.
* Interestingly, the name for this seemingly great city means 'bitter' and comes from the word myrrh. Myrrh has many uses, but most all surround suffering, martyrdom, and death. The name itself means 'bitter.' What a name for a community, but it could well describe the conditions for the church located there.
* I submit that the environment for Smyrna and in America today is quite similar. While most people seem to have plenty, there is little to no time for Christ, His church, and His call. As long as His call doesn't ...

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