by Jerry Watts

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The Busted Church (10 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry N Watts
Revelation 2:18-29
August 28, 2011

* When someone commits a crime, generally, they try to hide that crime and inevitably, the truth comes out so in the vernacular we say, "They got busted." This means they were forced to face the truth.
* In simplistic terms, today I call Thyatira the 'busted church' because they 'thought' they were fooling everyone by the work they were doing. But Jesus knew the truth and busted their bubble, revealed, exposed them for what they really were.
* Today, this same Jesus looks at this church, at every church, inside every heart, and He exposes use for who we really are.
1) The Reality of the Busted Church - Reality is what we live in, it's the truth and it's the truth, whether we like it or not. Look at three truths;
a) Externally they looked good - At the MGM studios in Orlando there us (or used to be) a tour called "Catastrophe Canyon". You are put into a little sitting area and are witness to a series of 'staged' explosions which send a million gallons of water down the mountain towards you. It's kind of neat to watch this happen while at the same time, it is very life like (and you're glad it's not for real). Also, on this tour, you see beautiful houses which have been seen on TV. The front of these houses are picture perfect while the inside and and the backs are nothing. They are merely a façade, for show. Most of us have heard the phrase, "Looks are deceiving." My mom used to say, "Beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone." While she was not a deep theologian, she was a pragmatist of the best kind.
* To this church Jesus says, "I know your works, love, faithfulness, service, and endurance." In other words, the Lord sees what everyone else sees about this church. He sees and He knows. But don't forget that while people may see what we want them to see, our Lord looks deeper.
* 1 Samuel 16:7 reminds us of this truth. This verse ...

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