by Steve Jones

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Jesus and the Devil (1 of 4)
Series: Bible Halloween
Steve Jones
Matthew 4:1-11

INTRODUCTION: A minister parked his car in a no-parking zone in a large city and attached the following message to his windshield: "I have circled this block ten times. I have an appointment to keep. Forgive us our trespasses." When he returned to his car he found this reply attached to his own note along with a parking ticket: "I have circled this block for ten years. If I don't give you a ticket I lose my job. Lead us not into temptation."

Today I want to talk about temptation as the first of a four-part sermon series for the month of October. As you know, October 31st is Halloween. Halloween is a tricky issue for many Christians. On one side, you have Christians who believe that, because of it's occultic and pagan origins, Christians ought not have anything to do with Halloween. Other Christians believe that Halloween has evolved into nothing more than a national costume party and trick or treating is harmless fun. Myself, I believe it's a matter of personal opinion and I respect the rights of Christians to decide for themselves and, most importantly, to behave lovingly and patiently toward those with whom they disagree. It's not a test of fellowship. It's not a hill worth dieing on.

Having said that, since people are naturally thinking along these lines at this time of year, I've decided to offer the four following messages: Jesus and the Devil, Jesus and the wolf-man, Jesus and the mummy and Jesus and the mummy part 2. Steve, where do you find the wolf-man and the mummy in the Bible? They're all there but you'll have to come to all the sermons to find out where.

Today we're talking about an encounter that Jesus had with the devil recorded in Matthew chapter four. In this encounter Jesus was faced with three temptations. The Lord made three choices that enabled him to overcome Satan's temptations. These same three choices will help us to be faith ...

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