by Steve Jones

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Jesus and the Return of the Mummy (4 of 4)
Series: Bible Halloween
Steve Jones
John 11

INTRODUCTION: On September 19, 1991, two tourists along the Austrian-Italian border found a five thousand year old mummy in the ice. The mummy has been extensively examined, measured, x-rayed and dated. The mummy was named Otzi after the location where he was found. At the time of his death, Otzi was approximately 5 ft 5 in tall, weighed 110 lb, and was about 45 years old. Analysis of his stomach contents revealed that eight hours before his death Otzi ate a meal of deer meet, grain, and fruit. High levels of copper particles in Otzi's hair, along with his axe, which is 99% pure copper, has led scientists to believe that Otzi was involved in copper smelting. By examining the proportions of his leg-bones it was determined that Otzi's lifestyle included long walks over hilly terrain. This was not typical of other copper-age Europeans and it's suggested that he may have been a high-altitude shepherd. Defensive wounds on his hands, arms and chest, as well as an arrowhead lodged in his left shoulder indicate that Otzi may have been part of a raiding party on a neighboring tribe and died in a skirmish. Otzi had 57 carbon tattoos including one on his right arm that read "Mom" (not really - but he did have tattoos). It also has been suggested that there is a curse related to this mummy. The allegation centers around the deaths of several main people connected to the discovery, recovery and subsequent examination of Otzi. To date, the deaths of seven people under mysterious circumstances have been attributed to this supposed curse, including co-discoverer Helmut Simon and the first examiner of the mummy, Konrad Spindler.

It's amazing what one can learn from a mummy. Last Sunday we drew some life-lessons from a mummy that Jesus raised from the dead. That mummy's name was Lazarus and that resurrection is recorded in John 11. The account of this mummy gave us the oppo ...

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