by Ernest Easley

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The Secret to Victorious Living (1 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Judges 13-16
September 25, 2011

It is from the life of Samson that we're going to learn today The Secret to Victorious Living. Now if I were to ask who here was interested in living victorious … every hand would go up. After all … the opposite of victorious living is defeated living and nobody in the right mind would seek that. Nobody would say, "Yes, I want to live a defeated life."
And yet … I'm afraid that while most people would never SEEK defeated living … too many of us have SETTLED for defeated lives.
Jesus didn't suffer .. die .. rise from the grave for you to live a defeated life! He suffered .. died .. and arose from the grave so that you might live a victorious life! And that life begins with a personal relationship with Jesus!
Well .. that's what I want to talk to you about today from the book of Judges: The Secret of Victorious Living. So take God's word and turn with me to Judges 13.
Now the book of Judges as been called "the book of failure" and for good reason. The children of Israel had settled for defeated living. The decided they knew more than God and set aside His word, and in its place substituted "what was right in their own eyes."
As a result .. they would sin … God would bring judgment … God would raise up a deliverer … then they would repent
… then they would sin … God would bring judgment .. God would raise up a deliver .. then they would repent … then they would sin ….
… and this cycle occurred 7 times over 4 centuries and we find it all recorded here in this "book of failure" that's called Judges.
Now the word "Judges" means "ruler .. deliverer … savior." It carries the idea of maintaining justice and settling disputes. But it also carries the idea of liberating and delivering. And I suppose one of the most well-known Judges or Deliverers that God raised up during that time was Judge Samson.
And it's from the life of Judge Samson tha ...

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