by Fred Lowery

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Philippians - Think (5 of 5)
Series: A Study on Philippians
Dr. Fred Lowery
Philippians 3
September 18, 2011

How many of you are saved, know Jesus? Raise your hand. Saved backsliders? Caught some of you, didn't I? Well, I want you to know that Jason over here was telling me that last Sunday the sermon wasn't a laughing matter. This Laughing Out Loud and I said well, it's not going to be that funny today either because the Word of God, you know, many times it's "oh me" and anytime, course I don't point my finger, but I do that with my words, but if I point a finger out there at you, you know, how many are pointing back at me? Three times that many so I preach to myself just like I preach to you and this series on Laughing Out Loud, what we wanted you to understand is that the only way in the midst of life troubles - how many of you have had a few troubles lately? Just let me see your hand. That makes me feel at home. The only way; the bottom can fall out of your life and you can walk through that and pick up the pieces and move on and grow through that is because of LOL - Loving Our Lord. Only that way can you laugh out loud even when life had its bumps and its battles. You've got an inner joy that the devil can never steal unless you give it up. And any other laughter is false laughter. It's a laughter of denial but Christians can laugh out loud just like this world is in the worst mess that we've ever known this world to be in but the Christians are the only one that can laugh and almost look forward to the fact that this is a good time for Jesus to come back because we know how it's all going to all end. We know that we win. We've read the last chapter. We know what's going to happen. So that's why in the midst of whatever happens in our lives we can have inner joy. And that's what the book of Philippians is about; that's the theme of Philippians - JOY. And we'll come back to that this morning because Paul can't get away from it. Years ago I preached on th ...

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