by Fred Lowery

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Philippians - Loss and Gain (4 of 5)
Series: A Study on Philippians
Dr. Fred Lowery
Philippians 3
September 18, 2011

We're so glad you're here for the service this morning. We had dinner last night with Carlos and Sylvia Garcia and they have an incredible ministry in Juarez and we've been going there as a church for over 10 years to do different things at different times. And I think they're going to talk in a Sunday School class. Are they in this service, Carlos? Stand up so they can see you. Let's let them know that we're glad they're here. They're the guest of Leroy Faith or they'd be sitting closer to the front. But Carlos and I were talking last night at dinner and he told me a fascinating story. We talked about what's happening in Mexico and all of our hearts are broken over the tragedy; so much corruption, so many deaths, more than even in Afghanistan. It's a war zone. And we pray for the protection of the people and protection of those who go in to minister like Carlos and Sylvia and many others. But he was telling me about - all of us remember the same deal in Columbia and when that was so bad and the guns and the cartels and the drug lords and the corruption - but he was telling me that somehow the government and the Christians cooperated and a revival broke loose and amazing things happened in Columbia. And he said he was reading an article of the secular press in Mexico or they were looking at Mexico in this press story and what's happening there because the new president wants to deal with the cartels and wants to make things different but it's so, so, very difficult. But this writer said that in Mexico now it is Columbia minus Jesus. Mexico now, just like Columbia trying to do better; trying to stop this murdering -wholesale murdering and change the way things are in Mexico but they're trying to do it without Jesus which is impossible. But do you understand that many people including many who are members of this church and some who are in this ...

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