by Rex Yancey

I Believe in Hell
Rex Yancey
Revelation 21:8

When God called me to preach, I made a commitment to preach the Bible. Christianity may be the Old Time Religion but it is neither obsolete nor out of date. There is not much written on hell and few preachers are preaching on hell. This will not be your Joel Osteen kind of sermon.

One of the characteristics of worshippers in our day is that they flock to preachers who are preaching pop psychology, feel good, fuzzy warm feeling sermons. However, Paul instructed Timothy to ''preach the Word.'' He also said to ''Rightly divide the Word of truth.'' We are to preach the whole counsel of God.

I know it is not a popular subject. I imagine many of you had just soon not hear it. But to be faithful to my call, I must bear the burden of preaching it. Some of you are lost and you need to know you will spend eternity in one of two places, heaven or hell.

Henry David Thoreau said, ''I'm not interested in questions on morality. One world at a time-that's my motto. Do the duties close at hand and don't worry about the hereafter.''

R. G. Lee said, ''If hell is taught in the Bible let us assert its reality and describe its nature. If hell is not taught in the Bible, let us dispel its rumor!''

We basically have three options when it comes to belief in hell. One, refuse everything the Bible teaches about hell. But if we do this, we open up Pandora's Box. Two, we can ignore what the Bible says about hell. That is what many people are doing right now. They have diversions and distractions so they want have to think about the afterlife. And three, we can accept and study the biblical reality of hell.

Today, I want us to consider the fact, features, faces, and folly of hell.


This word appears 52 times in the KJV. It is translated from the Hebrew ''Sheol'' which meant a deep pit under the earth. The Greek words are Gehenna, Hades, and Tartarus.

Jesus used the word Gehenna 11 times. Gehenna wa ...

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