by Keith Krell

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Unity and Diversity (26 of 36)
Series: Saints Gone Wild
Keith Krell
1 Corinthians 12:1-11

I want you to stop for just a moment and think back on all of your Christmas celebrations. When you were growing up, can you recall a Christmas where you really wanted a particular gift? In your childish ways you didn't just request this gift, you nearly demanded it. You felt like your life would not be complete if you didn't receive this gift. You wanted this gift so badly that you could taste it.

This pretty well describes my Christmas day emotions almost 28 years ago. What was the gift that I was yearning for? [Open a wrapped Christmas gift and take out a Seattle Seahawks football helmet.] I was beside myself. I put that bad boy on and ran around the living room and tried to hug and kiss my parents without injuring them. I was so grateful for this gift that I must have said "thank you" a dozen times or more. This gift was one of my Christmas gift highlights... and as you can see, we are still the proud owners of this Christmas gift and my children wear this helmet today.

Now, let's replay this scenario. Imagine that instead of opening my gift with exuberance and gratitude I opened the package, yawned, said "ho-hum," and casually laid the gift aside without expressing any gratitude. How do you think my parents would have felt? They would have been devastated after spending time and money locating this gift for me. As parents, they were excited to bless me with this gift and watch me put it to use.

Now imagine how the Lord must feel when He gives gifts to His children and they never make the effort to find out what the gifts are, never thank Him, and never put them to use. It must be incredibly disappointing to the Lord to see so many of the gifts that He has given shelved away and never used or shared with others. Today, I'd like to see us put an end to this common phenomenon. In 1 Cor 12:1-11, Paul is going to tell you to unwrap your gift and use it to serv ...

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