by Keith Krell

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Tools and Rules (30 of 36)
Series: Saints Gone Wild
Keith Krell
1 Corinthians 14:26-40

Raising three children is no easy job. The enormity of this task is compounded when you are homeschooling all three children. In order to have some degree of order, my wife and I have put into practice "Krell Household Rules." Our top twelve rules are as follows:

1. I will not hit, kick, pinch, or squeeze any person with the intention of hurting or annoying them.
2. I will not throw anything in anger.
3. I will not look over my parents' head in rebellion when they are speaking to me.
4. I will not say "blah, blah, blah" (or any such talk) when a parent is instructing me.
5. I will obey when sent to do something without stomping, screaming, kicking, whining, wailing, or arguing.
6. I will not yell to be obnoxious, loud, or rude.
7. I will not make obscene noises in public.
8. I will not interrupt or talk over someone else when they are speaking.
9. I will not wear outdoor shoes on the carpet.
10. I will keep all body parts (hands, feet, etc.) off the walls.
11. I will not leave lights on after leaving a room.
12. I will not flip light switches on and off, on and off, on and off.

These rules are posted on our refrigerator. Each of our children is quite familiar with these rules. They are responsible to adhere to these rules in full submission. If these rules are disobeyed, there are consequences. At the bottom of our list of household rules there is a note that states, "If these rules are disobeyed, I will be disciplined at the first infraction." The purpose of this list of rules is to turn chaos into order, confusion into peace. In order to remain sane, I would suggest that every family adopt their own personal "house rules."

Like a good parent, Paul communicates his "house rules." He insists that there must be order in the church. If chaos and confusion reign supreme, worship will not build up the body of Christ. While worship can be creative and free ...

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