by Eddie Snipes

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Series: Simple Faith
Eddie Snipes

What makes God love me? Nearly every person has asked this question. Most people go through life hoping they are doing enough to merit God's approval. Even those who know that God's grace is unmerited still may struggle with living like it in their everyday life. This knowledge needs to make the six-inch journey from the head to the heart.
When people fail, they feel they have disappointed God. In their weakness, they either do something they know is wrong, or don't do something they know they should. The next thought is the perceived angry stare of God.
When Adam and Eve sinned, what did they do? What did God do? Did God say, "You blew it," and then turn His back on them? No. Did God hide from Adam and Eve? No.
Adam and Eve hid from God. They fell short of God's glory intended for them when they bought into the false promise that they would be like God to know good and evil. When they committed themselves to pursue the lie, their eyes were indeed opened. And what was the first thing they saw? When they knew good and evil, they saw their own nakedness and shame. Shame drove them away from God. After the fall, Adam and Eve recognized their own inability to measure up to God's perfect character, and they no longer felt comfortable in God's presence.
This is what happens in our lives when we recognize our inability to measure up to the standard of God's character. Just as with Adam and Eve, God pursues us as we attempt to hide from Him. And His goal is not to punish, but to cover our sin and restore fellowship with us.
Anyone who attempts to merit God's favor by perfect living and perfect works has missed the point of the Father-child relationship. I love my kids. Even when they fail me, I still love them. When they rebel, I have to deal with their behavior, but I still love them the same. There is a strain on our relationship if they are misbehaving. When this happens, it isn't love that is lost, ...

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