by Stan Coffey

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The Sovereignty of God (8 of 12)
Series: Getting To Know God
Stan Coffey
1 Chronicles 29:10-13


I. God Is In Control
II. Problems Have A Purpose
III. Prayers Have An Impact


Alright, we are talking this morning about the sovereignty of God, Lesson 8 in our ''Getting to Know God Series.'' I want you to see on your outline 2 Chronicles 29:10-13. Verse 11 says, ''EVERYTHING IN HEAVEN AND EARTH IS YOURS, O LORD, AND THIS IS YOUR KINGEDOM. WE ADORE YOU AS BEING IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING.''

When we say that God is in control, theologians call this the sovereignty of God; that God is in control of everything; that God is on the throne, that beyond everything we see and behind everything we see that we do not understand there is the providence and the purpose of God who is in control of everything.

For example, God is in control for nature; He is sovereign over nature because He created nature and He sustains nature. God is sovereign over history. The Bible teaches that history is moving toward a purpose, the things that are happening in the world today, the fall of Communism, the opening of Eastern Europe to the gospel, the things that are happening in the Middle east, all of these things are happening in the plan and in the providence of a sovereign God, but God is behind them all.

He is in control of history and everything is moving toward a focus when God will be recognized as the Lord of all. The Bible says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Chris is Lord. It is not a matter of where you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, it is a matter of when will you confess that Jesus Chris is Lord. Will you do it now when you have freedom of choice to do that or will you do it in the days to come when God will cause every knee to bow and He will cause every tongue to confess?

God is in control over our lives. For example, God knew beforehand where we would be born. God knew beforehand how long ...

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