by Stan Coffey

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What Kind of Father Is God? (9 of 12)
Series: Getting to Know God
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 6:9

I.God Is A Caring Father
II.God Is A Consistent Father
III. God Is A Close Father
IV. God Is A Capable Father

Alright if you will look at Matthew Chapter 6 and Verse 9 that is what we call the model prayer or the Lord's Prayer when Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. The thing I want you to see in that particular prayer is how God is addressed because this series is entitled, ''Getting to Know God''. We are trying to understand the attributes of God and how the attributes of God relate to our daily lives.

In Matthew 6, Jesus is in the Sermon on the Mount and He says to his disciples in verse 9, ''AFTER THIS MANNER, THEREFORE PRAY YE: OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BY THY NAME.'' Jesus taught us to pray our Father which art in heaven. In two words, Jesus defined the character and the nature of God. God is our father and then He further defined the character of God when He says God is our father who art in Heaven. That is He is a heavenly Father.

Now when people think about what God is like, some of the standard things that you get are quite a distance from what God really is. For example, in the trilogy Star Wars, they talked about the force, Luke used the power of the force, ''May the force be with you.'' To some people God is an impersonal force. God is energy. God is a creative source of all that we see, but He is not a God that we could really know personally; He is just a force or a power that we plug in to.

To some God is a stern judge and God sits in heaven and He watches people as they go to hell and He says, ''Yeah, there is another one,'' and He enjoys every minute of it. To some people that is what God is like.

To other people, God is a wise old person who gives advice. We do not really pay any attention to Him but we listen to Him and then we do what we want to do. He is the man upstairs or He is the old m ...

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