by Stan Coffey

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How To Conquer Your Doubts (11 of 12)
Series: Getting To Know God
Dr. Stan Coffey
II Corinthians 4:8-9

I.The Causes Of Doubt
II. The Cure For Doubt

Let's look at Lesson 11, "Getting to Know God". Today we are going to talk about how to conquer your doubts.
II Corinthians 4:8-9. I know your outline says I Corinthians, but just put another one. II Corinthians 4:8-9 is where we will begin.

Now in this series we have talked about the attributes of God, what God is like, and what it means to our life. It is wonderful to believe in God, but what does it mean? That God is real, that God exists. It is wonderful to believe that God has all power, but what does it mean to your life that God has all power? It is wonderful to believe that God is transcendent, that He is everywhere. So we have been trying to do two things:

1. Talk about the attributes and the nature of God.
2. Talk about how that affects us and how that applies to us personally.

Today we are going to deal with a problem that many, many people have, especially in light of the difficult times in which we live. You know the Bible says in the last days perilous times shall come Paul said in Timothy and we are living in perilous times. One of the things that the Bible says

will happen is there will be stalkers in the last days who will come saying where is the promise of His coming? And it seems our world becomes more and more cynical. This affects us as believers and sometimes it causes us to doubt. When we doubt, it affects every area of our life. When

we have doubts about the goodness of God, the love of God, the compassion of God, the concern of God for our daily lives, when we doubt that, it affects our faith, it affects who we are, it affects how we serve God. It brings great discouragement to our life. So I want us to deal with that this morning and talk about how to conquer those doubts we have about God.

In II Corinthians 4:8-9, Paul speaks of the diffic ...

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