by Stan Coffey

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Don't Give Up - Look Up (12 of 12)
Series: Getting To Know God
Dr. Stan Coffey
Luke 18:1-8

I. Persistent Prayer Causes Me To Focus On God

II. When I Don't Give Up But When I Look Up Persistent Praying Clarifies My Request

III. Persistent Prayer Prepares Me For The Answer

IV. Persistent Prayer Also Strengthens My Faith

Alright, this morning I want you to look at Luke Chapter 18 and we are going to look at verses 1-8. Our study is entitled, ''Don't Give Up- Look Up''. Have you ever felt like giving up? Who hasn't? Amen?

If you are a human being, have blood going through your body, you have felt like giving up. Probably this week, you have felt like giving up at one point or the other. Well, you do not have to give up; instead you can look up.

We have been talking about Getting to Know God, what it means in our life that God is omnipotent, that God is transient, that God knows all things, that God has all of the wonderful attributes of grace and mercy, but what does it mean to us? One thing it means to us is if we know God we

do not have to give up; we can look up because He is always there. He is always faithful. He is always consistent. He is never too busy to answer prayer.

Now in verse 1 of Luke 18 Jesus is giving a parable about prayer ''AND HE SPOKE A PARABLE UNTO THEM THAT MEN OUGHT ALWAYS TO PRAY AND NOT TO FAINT.'' The word faint would mean not to give up. ''SAYING THERE WAS IN A CITY A JUDGE WHICH FEARED NOT GOD NOR REGARDED MAN.'' In other words, a hard hearted judge. ''AND THERE WAS A WIDOW IN THAT CITY AND SHE CAME UNTO HIM SAYING AVENGE ME OF MINE ADVERSARY.'' Now a widow in Bible times was even more

helpless than a widow today. Many of you know what it is to be a widow and you know what it is to have all the responsibilities suddenly come to you and all the decisions come to you. But in those days a woman had very little rights in society, people would not pay much attention to a

woman in those d ...

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