by Keith Krell

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Life in a Lions' Den (7 of 12)
Series: Courageous Living in Chaotic Times
Keith Krell
Daniel 6:1-28

The commercial begins with a little girl standing alone in a picturesque meadow. The camera then pans to another part of the field where it shows a gigantic African rhinoceros. The ominous beast begins a lethal charge towards the girl, whose serene and happy face remains unmoved. As the rhinoceros gets closer, the words appear on the screen, "Trust is not being afraid." A split second before the rhino tramples the helpless child, it stops, and the girl, her smile never wavering, reaches up and kisses the animal on its massive horn. The final words then appear, "even when you are vulnerable." The commercial was designed to tout the abilities of St. Paul Insurance Company to protect its clients from the uncertainties of life.

You and I will deal with ferocious charging rhinos. Perhaps you're dealing with one today. Maybe you've learned that a loved one has a terminal disease. Perhaps you've recently lost your job and you're absolutely overwhelmed with stress. Maybe your financial investments have totally tanked and you have no idea how you're going to have any retirement. Perhaps your spouse has just informed you that he or she no longer wants to be married to you. Maybe your reputation is being slandered all over your work or neighborhood. Daniel 6 has a word for you today: Courage to face adversity comes through godly character. Maybe you're thinking: "Keith, get real! You've been spending too much time up in your ivory tower. Why don't you come back down into the real world?! Courage is the farthest thing from my mind. I'm stressed and worried over my circumstances. I'm just in survival mode." I understand this response; I can even identify. However, I'm not here to preach my thoughts, feelings, or empathies; I'm here to preach God's Word, even when I don't understand it or practice it the way I might like. God's Word is a supernatural book; therefore, ...

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