by Keith Krell

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How to Change Your World (10 of 12)
Series: Courageous Living in Chaotic Times
Keith Krell
Daniel 9:1-19

I love to lift weights. Weightlifting allows me to maintain the strength of my bones, burn fat, clear my head, relieve stress, take out my frustrations, and build relationships with other weightlifters. Of course, if I am completely honest, I also enjoy building muscle and lifting heavier and heavier weights. Weightlifting is one of the few areas of my life that I occasionally feel I can control. The quest for strength and size can be rather addicting.

As a result, I have a confession to make, and I need to make it public. Yesterday afternoon, I had a well-known doctor come into my home and shoot me up with steroids. I know what you're thinking: "Keith, are you crazy? You're a quickly aging thirty-nine year old man. You have no future in bodybuilding or any other physical activity." I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. The doctor injected me with cortico steroids-steroids to provide pain relief from excessive use or injury. Come on, you didn't really think I might be guilty of using anabolic steroids, did you? Just look at me. Do I look like someone who uses anabolic steroids? I didn't think so! Sadly, I've had nagging rotator cuff problems that I continue to try to "work through" without taking the necessary time off. Finally, I pushed my body over the edge and injured my right shoulder performing the infamous military press. I've been nearly debilitated the last three days. So in order to ensure maximum preaching performance, I received a steroid injection. This compelled me to want to "stand in the gap" and offer a confession for athletes using anabolic steroids and other illegal performance enhancing drugs.

While my personal experience is intended to be a bit humorous, the principle is quite serious. One of the most liberating experiences in life is to confess sin and accept sin's consequences. This includes owning sin for your famil ...

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