by Keith Krell

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God's Prophetic Time Clock (11 of 12)
Series: Courageous Living in Chaotic Times
Keith Krell
Daniel 9:20-27

Have you ever watched a track meet on television or attended one personally? If so, you know that these events often look chaotic. You may see some athletes practicing their high jump, while others are stretching on the infield. At the same time, runners may be lining up on the track. Large numbers of people seem to be meandering around with no one clearly in charge. But the chaos is merely an appearance, because the officials and time keepers are firmly in control of every aspect of the meet. When it's time for a race or a field event, that area is cleared and the competitors move to their places to get ready. In the midst of apparent chaos, the officials are in total control.

Our world often looks like a track meet. Life can seem chaotic, out of control. During times like these, we may wonder where God is. If your life has never felt chaotic, and if you've never wondered what in the world God was doing with you, you need to check your pulse! Yet, if you're a Christ follower, you understand that God is large and in charge even when that doesn't seem to be the case. And when God blows the whistle to signal the start of an event, everything comes together according to the purpose of His own will.

Nowhere is this truer than Daniel 9:20-27. This text is all about purpose, order, and timing. In these seven verses, we will see that God is always right on time. Today, it may seem that your life is spiraling out of control. Perhaps you have significant marital woes. You've been praying for your spouse for many months or years. Yet the more you pray, the more hopeless it seems. Maybe you lost your job several months ago and have been praying for God to provide another job, but it seems like everyone else is finding a job except you. Perhaps you've been praying for a spouse for a number of years, and God never seems to bring Mr. or Miss Right to you, yet ...

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