by Keith Krell

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Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 1:1-7

Glen Coffee was a great football player. Like many young men he dreamed about playing in the NFL. After a successful high school career, Coffee accepted a scholarship to the University of Alabama. In 2008, he concluded his collegiate career by leading his team in rushing. Coffee then realized his NFL dream when he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. During his first season with the 49ers, Coffee was the team's number two running back. Many fans had high hopes for him going into the 2010 season. But this past month (8/2010), the twenty-three-year-old Coffee shocked the country when he walked away from his 2.5 million dollar contract. Why did he leave the NFL? He believes that the NFL is not God's will for his life. Coffee became a Christian his junior year of college, and that decision changed his views on everything. He determined that the NFL wasn't where he needed to be.

Coffee's life-altering decision demands personal reflection. Would you be willing to forsake your hopes, your dreams, and your goals for Christ? Or do you resist His will because it's not what you want for your life. Today, God may be calling you to leave your current occupation and serve Him in a new way. It's more likely, however, that God is calling you to remain in your current occupation, and to adopt a biblical mindset. True ministry isn't about occupation or location, it's about vocation. Your vocation is to glorify God and represent Him; your occupation is a temporary platform for your vocation. There's no such thing as secular jobs versus sacred jobs. You're in full-time Christian ministry whatever your job is. You have a calling, and it isn't your career. Your career is what you're paid for; your calling is what you're made for. Answer the call and abandon all.

The apostle Paul exemplifies what it means to answer the call and abandon all in his introduction to Romans. In 1:1-7, we find P ...

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