by Keith Krell

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No Apologies Necessary (3 of 34)
Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 1:16-17

Every Sunday before I get up to preach I always do three things: pray, check my mic, and check my fly (not necessarily in that order). Last Sunday during our first worship service I went two-for-three. Much to my chagrin, I failed to adequately check my microphone. The lapel mic that I use has an on/off button inside the case and a mute switch on the top of the mic case. I turned the power "on," but failed to switch the mic off mute. (This actually pleased some of our people.) What was even more surprising was I preached for forty-five minutes and never realized I had been muted. I had the full power of the mic at my disposal but I failed to properly use it. What a frustrating experience!

Do you sometimes feel powerless? Do you feel like you've failed to flip the "on" switch? Perhaps you sense that something in your life is just not working properly? Did you know that you have a power source at your disposal? It's called "the gospel"-the good news of Jesus Christ. In the gospel is all the power that you need for life. Turn on gospel power. Unfortunately, you may not be relying upon the power source that is available to you. Perhaps you've been considering Christianity but you haven't yet been persuaded. You're skeptical or maybe even cynical. You have a lot of questions about the Bible. You also assume that Christianity is a wimpy faith designed for weak people. I'm here to tell you that the gospel is powerful. It can and will change your life. It will give you a new hope and a new future. Don't take my word for it; believe it yourself. Maybe you've been a Christian for many years and the gospel is old hat to you. I need to remind you that the gospel is more than just believing in Jesus for eternal life. The gospel is the good news that Paul discusses throughout the entirety of Romans. It will take you to heaven and then bring heaven down to earth. But you must believe ...

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