by Keith Krell

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Claim God's Promise (11 of 34)
Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 4:13-25

Have you ever been given an empty promise? This happened to me many years ago. When I was in my first year of seminary, Lori and I were barely making ends meet. One afternoon we received a postcard in the mail from a company called Uni-Mart. Uni-Mart promised that if we took a quick tour of their warehouse we would receive a 35 mm camera, a large screen TV, or an all-expense paid vacation to Maui. Our first thought was, ''If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.'' So we threw the postcard away. We received a second postcard and threw it away as well. We then began receiving calls at home from Uni-Mart. The sheer desperation of their numerous attempts should have alarmed us. But we were foolish enough to give it a shot. BIG MISTAKE! After we toured the warehouse, we determined that there was no way that we would purchase a membership. It was a small time, little league Costco. Unfortunately, we had to sit down with our obnoxious tour guide Dan-an oily, unctuous, pushy, slithery, cutthroat salesman paid on commission. (Gulp!) When we declined the $1,000 membership he came unglued! The second time we turned him down, he almost slit his throat. The third time we turned him down, he almost slit our throats. We explained to Dan that we couldn't afford the membership fees. We explained how we were paying thousands of dollars to go to seminary, and we also told him we were sacrificially giving to our church. He angrily replied, ''Let's open up your checkbook and see if every check is made out to God!'' Finally, we had to get up and walk out, but before we did, we, of course, had to request our free gift. After all, we had endured the painful experience. We were delighted and thrilled, then, when Dan joyfully rushed at us to give us a voucher for a large screen TV. No, I take that back! He handed us tickets for our paid vacation to Maui. No! Wrong again! Instead, he handed ...

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