by Keith Krell

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The Power Source (18 of 34)
Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 8:1-17

At the close of World War II, two pictures appeared in a magazine showing a soldier in conflict with a tank. The first showed a huge tank bearing down on a tiny soldier about to crush him. The picture was proportioned to show the odds involved when a foot soldier with a rifle faced a tank. The next picture showed what happened to that soldier's odds with a bazooka or rocket launcher in his hands. This time the tank appeared to be shrunken in size and the soldier at least equal in size, if not a little larger.

Without the power of God released in our lives, when in conflict with sin, we are like an infantry soldier in the presence of a tank. We cannot do a thing. But when we rely upon the Holy Spirit we have the greatest weapon at our disposal.

Romans chapter 8 is the greatest chapter in the Bible dealing with the Holy Spirit and the spiritual life. In the previous section (7:7-25), Paul vented his frustration with sin. Now in this new section, he expresses his confidence of victory because of the Holy Spirit. Named only three times before now, the Holy Spirit is mentioned eighteen times in chapter 8. The theme of this chapter can be found in verse 37: We are "more than conquerors." In Romans 8:1-17, Paul will exhort us to live out the conquering life by plugging into our power source. This power source, the Holy Spirit, can enable and empower us to experience three victories. The first victory is found in 8:1-4.

1. We can live above the Law (8:1-4). This section speaks of freedom. This passage begins in 8:1 with a foundational principle. This verse is considered by many to be the jewel of the entire Bible. So let's look at it carefully. The word "Therefore" looks back to Paul's struggle in chapter 7 and his thankful shout in 7:25. Paul now depicts the freedom of living in the Spirit. This verse speaks of the fact that we are no longer under the sentence of the Law, ...

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