by Keith Krell

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Secure for Sure! (20 of 34)
Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 8:31-39

In 1937 the great Golden Gate Bridge was completed. It cost over $35 million to build and was completed in two phases: the first slowly and the second rapidly. In the first stage, no safety devices were used. As a result, twenty-three men fell to their deaths. However, for the final part of the project, a large safety net was used as a precaution. At least ten men fell into the net and were saved from certain death. Once the net was installed production increased by 25%. Why? Because the men were assured of their security and they were free to wholeheartedly serve the project.

Security is a critical element in life. Unfortunately, it's also very elusive. Recent world events in Japan and Libya demonstrate how insecure our world is. On a personal level, perhaps you live in insecurity because you have been the victim of a crime such as robbery or rape. Maybe your spouse has threatened divorce and you lack marital security. Your children may be struggling with physical or emotional issues that have deprived you of security. Perhaps you've lost your job and your retirement has plummeted leaving you feeling hopelessly insecure. Reflecting on your life, you realize that you have little or no security in those areas where you crave it most. Fortunately, in the single area that truly matters most-your relationship with God-you can have ultimate security. The Bible declares that God offers believers His unconditional love and acceptance. Yet, you may struggle with this notion. Maybe you have never experienced unconditional love and approval from your parents. Perhaps you have experienced rejection and betrayal from a spouse, from relatives, or from friends. Consequently, you are skeptical and cynical of people because you have been hurt so many times. I hurt for you and that's why I want you to know that God's love for you is perfect and He will never let you go. He yearns for you to ...

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