HEAR YE! HEAR YE! (24 OF 34)

by Keith Krell

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (24 of 34)
Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 10:14-21

Have you ever had your "Check Engine" light go on? Are you driving right now with your "Check Engine" light? A 2008 survey found that 10% of the adults polled were driving with a "Check Engine" light on. An alarming 50% of those whose cars were showing signs of an impending breakdown indicated the light had been on for over three months. Another 10% said the light had been on between one and two months. What's especially bad is a few years ago the U.S. government put the on-board diagnostic system in place to alert drivers when their vehicle had a problem. This light can signify something potentially costly and possibly dangerous to the passengers or others on the road. The survey found drivers had a whole litany of excuses for ignoring the light. Some turned a blind eye toward the indicator because the car seemed to be "running fine." Others pointed to a lack of sufficient funds. Still others simply noted that they just didn't have time to worry about diagnostics and subsequent repairs.

It's easy to ignore the "Check Engine" light. People do it everyday. Sometimes there are consequences; sometimes there aren't. Similarly, God issues a "Check Soul" light. Yet, people ignore God everyday. Often there may not seem to be consequences in this life, but there will be in eternity. How you and I respond to Jesus Christ determines our destiny. We must sense the urgency. Now, I would be the last person to ever set a date for Christ's return. I won't even predict the decade that Christ will return! But I know this: we are closer today than we've ever been. Hence, we must plead with people to believe in Jesus Christ and urge believers to share the good news. Although many Christians interpret Romans 10 as a missionary text, it is important to note that Paul's primary point is that God is already on mission. He has sent people to preach the good news, but the hearers have failed to b ...

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