by Keith Krell

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Series: Good News from God
Keith Krell
Romans 12:3-8

''What is God's will for my life?'' Have you ever asked that question? If you're like me you've asked that question a number of times in the course of your life. As a follower of Christ, the subject of God's will is significant because you yearn to please God. But there is a secondary reason the subject of God's will is so crucial: many people lack purpose in their lives. Psychologists have long admitted that one of the great problems men and women face is a feeling of emptiness and aimlessness. We need to feel that life has purpose and that we are, to some extent, reaching that goal. Unfortunately, you may not be living a meaningful life. You may be so caught up in the busyness of life that you miss the fullness of life. Yet, at the core of your being you long to know and apply God's will. Therefore, if you are to satisfy the soul's quest to know and apply God's will, you must listen to Paul as he lays out some specifics.

In Rom 12:1-2 Paul calls believers to experience ongoing spiritual transformation. This transformation begins by presenting our bodies and renewing our minds. Most people stop reading with 12:2 because these two verses are so familiar. But 12:3 begins with ''for'' (gar), which is a connecting word signifying that Paul has more to say about transformation. What he says in 12:3-8 is that our commitment to worship and seeking God's will is incomplete until we are ready to serve. In other words, if your worship does not lead to service, then you haven't finished worshiping yet. To put it simply: True worship results in service. Paul shares three results of Christian transformation that will enable us to live a transformed life and to apply God's will.

1. Christian transformation produces humility (12:3). How you think about yourself in relationship to the church is critical. Thus, the main point of this entire paragraph is the command of 12:3. Paul ...

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