by Fred Lowery

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Philippians - Live (2 of 5)
Series: A Study on Philippians
Dr. Fred Lowery
Philippians 1:20-27; Philippians 3:8
August 28, 2011

Well, you know the good news is that they finally figured out why the earthquake in Washington. It was our founding fathers turning over in their graves-that's what happening in Washington, that's the whole deal there.
Our word last Sunday was JOY. And we discovered how we can have joy no matter what the world hits us with. What kind of problems and struggles and if you weren't here last Sunday you need to get that CD because if you don't need it now just hold on to it because you will need it because in this world you will have trials and tribulation.
So today the word is LIVE and we are in the first chapter of the book of Philippians. And I could spend a year just in this first chapters but were only spending two weeks so were hitting the high points. So we're talking about living and what is real living.
A Texas oil man was, at his request, was actually buried in his Cadillac Escalade. Some young boys were standing there as they lowered that Escalade into the ground with that Texas oil man in it. One of the guys said, "Now, man that is really living!" I don't think so. But some people are just that confused about what is real living and what is not. So, my question to you this morning is, "What is life to you? What are you living for? What motivation controls your life? You say well I'm not sure. What gets your time? What gets your attention? What gets your energy? What gets your money? That's what's controlling your life. So what are living for? How would you fill in the blank? "For me to live is ________?" What would you put there? Would it be family and family is so, so, important. But family is not God. Is it a hobby? Is it travel, is it accumulation, stuff. Is it your job? Is it sports? Is it shopping? Shop til you drop? Give women an IV and a catheter and they could shop for days, weeks. Is that what living is about? I ...

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