by Johnny Hunt

The Kingdom Life: People We Wish To Grow And Honor
Johnny Hunt
1 Corinthians 16:15-18
Sept. 4, 2011

Introduction: the most important word to the christian is lordship. This matches the dna of fbcw, worship god, followed by love others, which relates the second most important word relationship. Once these two words are established, we move to serve god in our dna, which relates to stewardship (how we use our time, talents, and treasure). Would you not agree that the first word speaks of how well we will do and with whom we will do his purposes for our life?

It was paul's heart for evangelism (sharing of the good news) that gave him the platform to edification of the body of christ.

i. Faithfulness: stephanas the ministry
servant. 15

A. His conversion.

"stephanas" - paul personally baptized him
(1 cor 1:16) and his household (family/servants)

"first fruits" - were the part of a crop that was planted first and ripened and was harvested first.

Example; marty and betty lewis - my "first fruit."
Stephanas came to christ from a region where the gospel was rejected and the people were skeptical, only a few believed.

Acts 18 tells of paul's journey into corinth

Acts 18:4-6, "and he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded both jews and greeks. When silas and timothy had come from macedonia, paul was compelled by the spirit, and testified to the jews that jesus is the christ. But when they opposed him and blasphemed, he shook his garments and said to them, 'your blood be upon your own heads; i am clean. From now on i will go to the gentiles.'"

Stephanas was a gentile.

As a result of paul's evangelistic heart, stephanas came to know christ. If we love in the way god loves, and in which paul loved and the early church loved, we, too will reach out with the gospel to those who do not know christ.

The love in which we live and witness is ours only because god has given it to us. Paul loved because ch ...

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